Blessings of Christian Science

I have been busy with regular study to grow and to meet the challenges of age or growing older.  There have been personal challenges, but also challenges because of friends, not Christian Scientists, who believe we must learn to adjust to “getting old”.  I feel that I can be joyous and so grateful to continue expressing dominion.  I’m not looking at age as a time to cop out of doing things that I’ve always done and can do.

My sister recently fell and fractured her pelvis.  She welcomes frequent phone calls from me each day with encouragement and healing ideas.  She seems to be dealing with a lot of pain.  I remember a practitioner who helped our Mother sixty years ago, giving my Mother a definition of pain as “The urge of Love for greater expression”.   In considering this, we decided that my sister, when faced with pain, write a list each time she is challenged, of at least two or three things for which she is grateful, and she gracefully accepted that idea.  We both know that she is surrounded with lots of expressions of Love.

About a week ago, on several beautiful summer days, I was feeling depressed.  I could find some human reasons for this, but I did not completely understand it.  I continued my regular study, and then I continued with household tasks which included cleaning out some files.  In the files, I found some personal notes and quotes which were so loving and dear.  I felt surrounded by Love, and I rejoiced in the healing warmth of it.

My twelve year old granddaughter recently returned from Camp Kohahna.  She was tubing behind a ski boat.  All of a sudden her neck was hurting from the quick turns.  She immediately spoke and knew healing truths and rejoiced that she was healed.  She also told a story about the devil’s list of all the tools he had to be very troublesome; such as distress, pain, homesickness, loneliness.  His biggest tool, however, was discouragement.  When asked why discouragement was his biggest tool, he said that discouragement was the tool that made all the others work.  I love learning from children.

I am so very grateful for Christian Science.  I remember once as a child hearing my Mother say that all good that ever came to her was in some way connected to her study of Christian Science.  At that time, I could not understand how that could be true. However, I have found that my experience has been the same.  All the good in my childhood, my marriage, my family, my friends, my life-style, my health and well-being has come from a Christian Science way of life.

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