Association Day September 15, 2018

Call letter to Association!

We look forward to hearing Mark Unger, CS, from Ashland MA, give his message next September. Mark has worked for TMC for decades, along with his wife Val. Many of you will know him from his work.

Mark made a video to welcome all of us to Association and talks about the assignment. Click here to view the video. (Note, this is strictly for Association members and guests coming to our Association this year.)

Click here for the letter you were sent from Mark.

Mark’s bio

If you search for Unger on you will find his many articles. December 2016, he was on the Sentinel Watch, “What is the Christ,” click here to view it.

Spiritualizing Thought articles with links to JSH

June letter from the EC

Response form

Annual letter from the Board of Education and Board of Directors of TMC

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