The strength of our Association is strong and evident

Members, once again, commented on how much love and support they felt by coming to Association. The ideas discussed the Friday night before Association were helpful to members and the address Saturday was thought provoking. The examples Janet Y. Horton, Chaplain (Col) (Ret.) US Army shared were so unique and helpful in showing how Truth is at work. Her life shows how the study of the Bible and Science and Health protected and enlightened her each step of the way throughout her life.

The handout Janet Horton used during the day can be found by clicking on the following the link, Seeking and Finding.

Association day 2017 will be Saturday, September 16. The speaker will be Susan Tish, CS from Northville, MI. Susan is a practitioner and has written numerous articles you can find on JSHonline. Many of you will remember hearing daily lifts that she has given and can be found on We’re looking forward to her upcoming assignment in the February mailing.

Association will once again be held in the Sheraton O’Hare.


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  1. Racine says:

    Thanksgiving gratitude…..I am so grateful for Harvey’s teaching and proving Christian Science treatment heals immediately. Years ago I was in Boston on a whale watch all day and came home to a face covered with huge blisters. I had prayed…I had called C.S. practitioners but my face seemed to be a lost cause and I thought I was ruined for life since the condition was going into many weeks. I ran into Harvey at church. …..when I got home, my face was completely clear with fresh skin. What an example he set to be a genuine student of Mary Baker Eddy.

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