A wonderful day together – and next year

What an amazing day of deep inspiration we all felt at association this year. Thanks to everyone for their support whether or not you were present. And, thanks for the well wishes from several of you who couldn’t attend.

Thank you to Lois for answering the call and responding with a strong healing message for association. The new picture above of the hooded merganser was taken and sent in by a member of our association, Kathi LaTourrette. Lois started out association with an analogy of the bird’s nesting habits in relationship with learning to trust. Check out the parenting and nesting habits of the merganser by clicking here.

Lois gave us all references that we read and prayed about together. Some were briefly discussed and inspiration was shared. Click here for the references.

Click here for the citations that Lois used.

Association Day 2016 will be Saturday, September 17. The speaker will be Col. Janet Horton who is presently a Christian Science Military Chaplain Trainer and Endorser to the Department of Defense. She currently trains Seminarians preparing for the Military Chaplaincy for The First Church of Christ, Scientist in Boston, MA

Association will once again be held in the Sheraton O’Hare. Look for more correspondence in early February.

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