Association Day 2020

Once again, Association will be held the 3rd Saturday of September, the 19th in 2020.

Katie Mangelsdorf, CS from Anchorage, Alaska will be our speaker. If the name sounds familiar, it could be because her husband, Ron, was in our Association until he became a teacher.

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Association Day 2019

Sandy Scott, CS will be our speaker Saturday, September 21, 2019. We hope everyone is planning on attending in person. Remember, if you need help getting to Association please contact Marcia Hufstader at the Association gmail, or give her a call at 616-334-9944. View Sandy’s youtube by clicking here.

Friday night discussion questions coming soon, please remember to check back.

Click here for the June mailing

Click here for the special March Mailing

Click here for the February mailing

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Association Day September 15, 2018

Call letter to Association!

We look forward to hearing Mark Unger, CS, from Ashland MA, give his message next September. Mark has worked for TMC for decades, along with his wife Val. Many of you will know him from his work.

Mark made a video to welcome all of us to Association and talks about the assignment. Click here to view the video. (Note, this is strictly for Association members and guests coming to our Association this year.)

Click here for the letter you were sent from Mark.

Mark’s bio

If you search for Unger on you will find his many articles. December 2016, he was on the Sentinel Watch, “What is the Christ,” click here to view it.

Spiritualizing Thought articles with links to JSH

June letter from the EC

Response form

Annual letter from the Board of Education and Board of Directors of TMC

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Follow up to Association 2017

What a wonderful gathering we had this year which started out Friday night with time for touching base with friends and then a hymn sing. Our faithful, amazing, pianist, Brian O’Halloran, played hymns from the new hymnal while we all had our first shot at singing them.

Saturday, Susan Tish, CS delivered a strong, fresh and inspiring talk to members in the room and many that were live streaming who were unable to make the trip.

Click here for the references that Susan spoke from and handed out to everyone.

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Association Day September 16, 2017

We are feeling the momentum of our Association! Over the years we have learned it really is “the Pupil’s” Association. That’s each of us supporting and praying for the Association throughout the year, then we gather together one day a year and share the fruit – the struggles and the victories. We hope you can join us!

Click here to view Susan’s video and read the information for 2017.

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The strength of our Association is strong and evident

Members, once again, commented on how much love and support they felt by coming to Association. The ideas discussed the Friday night before Association were helpful to members and the address Saturday was thought provoking. The examples Janet Y. Horton, Chaplain (Col) (Ret.) US Army shared were so unique and helpful in showing how Truth is at work. Her life shows how the study of the Bible and Science and Health protected and enlightened her each step of the way throughout her life.

The handout Janet Horton used during the day can be found by clicking on the following the link, Seeking and Finding.

Association day 2017 will be Saturday, September 16. The speaker will be Susan Tish, CS from Northville, MI. Susan is a practitioner and has written numerous articles you can find on JSHonline. Many of you will remember hearing daily lifts that she has given and can be found on We’re looking forward to her upcoming assignment in the February mailing.

Association will once again be held in the Sheraton O’Hare.


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A wonderful day together – and next year

What an amazing day of deep inspiration we all felt at association this year. Thanks to everyone for their support whether or not you were present. And, thanks for the well wishes from several of you who couldn’t attend.

Thank you to Lois for answering the call and responding with a strong healing message for association. The new picture above of the hooded merganser was taken and sent in by a member of our association, Kathi LaTourrette. Lois started out association with an analogy of the bird’s nesting habits in relationship with learning to trust. Check out the parenting and nesting habits of the merganser by clicking here.

Lois gave us all references that we read and prayed about together. Some were briefly discussed and inspiration was shared. Click here for the references.

Click here for the citations that Lois used.

Association Day 2016 will be Saturday, September 17. The speaker will be Col. Janet Horton who is presently a Christian Science Military Chaplain Trainer and Endorser to the Department of Defense. She currently trains Seminarians preparing for the Military Chaplaincy for The First Church of Christ, Scientist in Boston, MA

Association will once again be held in the Sheraton O’Hare. Look for more correspondence in early February.

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Testimonies 2015

Blessings of CS
Cough healed
Eye sight restored
Healing in 3 episodes
Healing of grief and actively supporting
Learning to move thought
Love has already supplied the need
No effects from boiling water after spilled
Nothing is ever lost in Mind
Putting the details in the hands of Spirit
Queasiness healed
Seek my “…own in another’s good”
Solitude gained
Stiff neck healed
To challenges: “Wonderful”
Water flows again

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Directions to Association

View or download:
Detailed driving directions to the Sheraton Gateway Suites:
Driving Directions

Map of available free parking:
Free Parking Map

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